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Whatever the exhibition, the aim is to ensure your stand catches the eye more than that of the competition. In the current internet era it’s more important than ever for your exhibition stand to provide a physical meeting point for business contacts. Standing out from the rest can be done in any number of ways and a good stand design is essential. Of course, as experts we don’t need to be told that, but it’s only one side of the story. Here we’d like to explain a bit more about how multimedia might help you too.

You might not know it, but there are countless options available. Projections, large format (LED) screens, touchscreens, social media walls and interactive scanners are just some of the possibilities. One thing’s for sure, an audio-visual presentation will get you noticed and add power to your message.

Huntsman’s stand is a striking example of how this works. In the accompanying film you can see how multimedia has been intelligently used. The interactive scanner, for example, shows how a product that otherwise does little to inspire the imagination can come to life, thanks to the scanner.
And, not unimportantly, it helps draw visitors to the stand.

The interactive table can also be seen in this film. Visitors simply place a product on the table, so activating an audio-visual projection which gives you all the information you need to know about that product. The table is rapidly becoming a must-have item!

To this end, we are continually in search of new and exciting presentation methods and, in so doing, are able to stay ahead of our game.

Do you need help with the use of multimedia on your stand? Or can we assist you in any other way? If so, feel free to contact us!