Cialona Expo takes its responsibilities towards future generations very seriously when it comes to bringing about a more environmentally friendly, sustainable world. Happily, this same realisation is shared by increasing numbers of consumers, businesses and public authorities. This means that sustainable initiatives are being developed in many other areas of life too. Everywhere, there is a growing consensus for using ecologically sound technologies and materials.



No hidden extras:
Transparency goes without saying – this means we both know where we stand.


Every day, we harness the latest developments in hardware and technology to maximise levels of interaction on your stand.


Cialona Expo endeavours to be a frontrunner in this field and take a leading industry role in developing and applying sustainable solutions. We believe these developments enable us to realise your aspirations of sustainability at trade fairs and events, and in showrooms or exhibition spaces.

‘Sustainability is the new We’

We will be more than happy to inform you about possible applications for your own project.


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