Stand construction Utrecht

Cialona Expo: for an exhibition stand that meets all your expectations

Is your business planning to attend an exhibition and do you want to be certain your exhibition stand catches the eye, despite heavy competition from the other exhibitors? Then look no further than Cialona Expo. We are the full-service company for stand construction in Utrecht with more than 50 years’ experience in the industry. Whether you want a stand with a small-scale, intimate character or one with a more expansive design, Cialona Expos makes sure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Stand out from the crowd with stand construction in Utrecht

It’s not easy to command the right attention when you’re surrounded by so many rivals. At Cialona Expo, we’re well aware of this. Like no other, we realise that you’re not the only stand holder wanting to make their mark. We are proud of our team of stand constructors and experts in the field of exhibition presentations, who know exactly what’s needed to make your exhibition stand catch the eye.

Focused on your objectives

From the conception stage, Cialona Expo, stand construction in Utrecht, makes sure that your company provides the focal point. How do we make sure that potential customers retain an interest on their first visit to the stand and actually engage with you in business? We will always design the exhibition stand by focusing on your objectives.

Single yourself out with stand construction in Utrecht

Cialona Expo is fully aware that participation in an exhibition or conference can be extremely effective for your business. Your company will occupy the same space as many potential customers in your immediate target group. Alongside your many competitors, it’s vital your exhibition stand stands out from the crowd. Please contact us for more information today!