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Service from your stand constructor

Cialona Expo is a stand construction company based in Helmond. At all times we strive towards a unique stand layout and a favourable position at an exhibition. The way your visitors experience you and your stand comes first and foremost. For many years, we have been creating eye-catching professional exhibition presentations which reflect the identity of our clients. And equally importantly, we take care of the entire process for our customers: from stand assembly to stand dismantling and storage to re-assembly.

Short lines of communication with your stand constructor

The construction of a stand is an intensive process. For that reason, we feel it’s vital to have regular and direct contact and to appoint a dedicated project manager for this purpose. Together, we will go through all the phases in the realisation of your exhibition stand, from development to execution

Stand design in 3D

The professional responsible for designing the stand first makes a complete 3D visualisation. This means we produce a true-to-life representation so that you can see exactly what your stand looks like (from different angles). We create this visualisation in our studios and use a realistic as possible image for this purpose. This means you can walk through and experience your own exhibition stand long before it’s even ready. In other words: this 3D visualisation is the ideal way of showing you the kind of impression your stand will make on visitors.
What you see is what you get!

Cialona Expo: for in-store layout and displays too!

Did you know that Cialona Expo also designs in-store layouts and displays? We have a long experience in this line of business. Whether it’s product presentations or a complete shop-in-shop concept, we are likewise a professional and suitable partner for these services.