K 2022 Dusseldorf

K 2022 is the largest trade fair in the world for the plastics and rubber industry. The industry will meet at K 2022 and share information, innovations and investments. The K Fair will take place in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October 2022. More than 3000 exhibitors will be present during the K fair to do business and make new contacts. If you do business within one of the many market segments that make up this dynamic industry, you can certainly participate in K 2022 in Düsseldorf or pay the event a visit.

Are you planning to participate in the K fair and would you like a unique stand? At Cialona Expo we are here for you! Cialona is located in the Netherlands, but we build exhibition stands worldwide. We help you with that exhibition stand that meets all your wishes. We have all the disciplines needed to realize such a stand in-house. This means that we design, produce, realize, disassemble and store afterwards. As a full-service organization we take care of the project for you from A to Z.

We are the full-service stand builder you are looking for

We would be happy to discuss all ideas and wishes for the upcoming trade fair participation with you. What is the purpose of the participation and what should the stand radiate?

Perhaps there has already been a briefing and there are clear points that the exhibition stand may meet, but there may still be many open points. No problem! Because we have everyone in-house, we can switch directly with our design team, for example, for a first creative input. From there we can continue until the stand is completely satisfactory.

Want to create a functional, but unique stand that also attracts the attention of the trade fair visitors? We look forward to your project!

Client Portal

You receive access to our Client Portal, where you can see the progress of your project, approve items and upload/download documents 24/7.

3D Design

After the briefing, we develop each project into a 3D design. This a 3D design allows you to easily see what the stand will eventually look like.


Cialona offers a full service, which means that we take care of the process from A to Z. We have all the necessary disciplines in-house, which means that we can act very quickly.

Store & Re-use

We offer the possibility to store your stand in our warehouse, so that it can be (partially) reused at a later time.

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3D Visuals of your K 2022 Stand

With an exhibition stand made by Cialona Expo, you make a difference compared to competitors who are present at the exhibition. We are an experienced stand builder and know what works and what doesn’t. To give you a clear picture of what your stand will eventually look like, we make 3D visualizations for every project.

Digitally we take you through the design, and “what you see is what you get”! In this way it is also possible to pass on detailed adjustments or to discuss some other options. So you won’t be faced with any surprises.

Sustainable construction of an exhibition stand

Sustainable construction of an unforgettable exhibition stand is best done at Cialona Expo. Cialona sees sustainability as one of our responsibilities to future generations and would like to see our society become more environmentally friendly.

As an organization we are happy to contribute to this in various areas. For example, we try to offer as many sustainable materials as possible and we look for ways to waste less material during the production process.
This allows us to offer you as a customer the opportunity to really put your sustainable intentions into action at trade fairs and events. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.