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Every exhibition centre, in whatever country, has its own exhibition manual.

This manual gives an explanation of the regulations exhibitors face when building a stand in the exhibition hall. For example, maximum building height, distances between the stand and the aisles, whether stays can be used, power and water connections, etc.

As the “overseer” of your exhibition plans, our design team would highly recommend you read the document thoroughly before a design briefing is drawn up. This avoids us being confronted with any unexpected surprises at the design stage, for example, because the maximum height is exceeded. It’s worth remembering that the most recent floor plans for the exhibition are available to registered participants (via a client portal) long before our design team gets to see them.

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. This way you can avoid a support column suddenly getting in the way or having to accommodate a fire extinguisher station in the middle of your stand ?