The history of Cialona Expo

Cialona Expo has been in existence for more than 50 years. Over half a century of designing stands for exhibitions for a diversity of businesses, at home and abroad. Much has changed over the years, in particular, the way in which a stand is designed. Nowadays different techniques are used, including advanced drawing programmes, 3D visualisation, as well as the development of tools and products which enable the stand to be improved even more in terms of lay-out and appearance. 


More than 50 years

Cialona Expo has been in existence for more than 50 years. That means over half a century of designing stands at home and abroad.

2 locations

We opened a 2nd location in Dubai recently so that we are better able to coordinate and effectuate the perfect stand for exhibitions in the Middle East.


Cialona Expo has one owner responsible for running the business. His passion for stand building has also rubed off on the employees. This is reflected in every stand that leaves our production studio and constructed on an exhibition floor anywhere in the world. Check out the Project page to get a better impression.
The whole team at Cialona Expo exudes a passion for stand building: from account managers, project managers and stand designers to admin staff and casual employees. In short, if you’re planning to attend a show in the Netherlands or further afield, just ask for a quote. Not only do we have the in-house expertise, we’re ready at all times to offer our advice, from the moment the stand is conceived until the point it is dismantled. Please contact us for an appointment!

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