Experts in stand construction with over 50 years’ experience

Are you looking for a stand construction company who can design an exhibition stand that catches the eye? A full-service partner for stand assembly and dismantling? Cialona Expo works with professional stand-builders who devote their attention and care to stand design and stand layout. Quality and professionalism have been part of our make-up for 40 years. When it comes to stand design we believe in providing support and flexibility.

Your exhibition stand as eye-catcher

An exhibition is all about direct communication with your customers. Your product, service or organisation is on display, so that means it’s vital to present yourself in the best possible light at the exhibition. When it comes to exhibition stand design, Cialona Expo is able to meet these requirements. In fact, it’s our aim to exceed them! Cialona makes sure that your stand layout will leave potential customers with an impression that outlasts that of all the other exhibitors.

Your style and character brought together in your exhibition standmicroport Cialona Expo is a full-service stand constructor so that means we look after all aspects of stand design, stand construction and stand layout. Nonetheless, we understand more than anyone that it’s all about the identity of your business or organisation. For that reason, our philosophy is based on three principles: listening to what the customer has to say; implementing ideas and improving on them and; only being satisfied when the customer is too. The sky is the limit: that means we welcome all possible forms of inspiration and provide all professional advice you need. This way, Cialona Expo helps ensure that your style and character are incorporated into the design of your stand, so expressing the identity and look-and-feel of your organisation.

Cialona Expo: more than just physical construction

At Cialona Expo, our attention also focuses on your company’s very essence. In addition to stand construction, we also take other aspects necessary for a successful exhibition into account. We analyse your activities so that we can incorporate these professionally into your business objectives. Our experience is that this way of working provides an extra dimension to a professional and positive presentation of your exhibition stand. Please contact us if you require a quote.