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Leestip! In de bijlage van de Telegraaf vandaag: ” Bij Cialona Expo staat beleving centraal”. Ook te lezen via deze link:  

Helpful hint!

Every exhibition centre, in whatever country, has its own exhibition manual. This manual gives an explanation of the regulations exhibitors face when building a stand in the exhibition hall. For example, maximum building height, distances between the stand and the…

Helpful hint!

Planning to take part in an exhibition any time soon? Of course, there’s a 101 things that need arranging beforehand (check out our exhibition checklist), but surprisingly, one of the most important aspects frequently gets overlooked: the location of your…

And we find this very nice!

Dear Richard, Following our successful collaboration over the last few years, we at Vogel’s Professional would like to ask you to build our stand for the 2015 ISE. It will be the fourth year in succession that you will be…